Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reflections on my Avocado-Coconut Milk Deep Treatment

This past Sunday, after shampooing with Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Shampoo, I decided to finally deep treat my hair with strength in mind. I used avocado (which I knicked from my school cafateria) and coconut milk (the Goya brand purchased from Kroger). Both avocado and coconut milk are rich in protein. I didn't measure at all, but used about a 50:50 ratio of avocado and coconut milk, then added about a tablespoon each of honey and olive oil for a bit of moisture. I applied this mixture to wet hair that was freshly shampooed. After applying the mixture to my hair, I placed a plastic bag around my head then covered with a crocheted hat. I then went to dinner and let the mixture marinate. All unused avocado-coconut milk mix was placed in the freezer, with a sign warning my roommates to not eat, since it was a hairproduct, even though it is also perfectly edible.

tAt dinner, I was so scared of smelling like a bowl of guacomole, but my friends assured me that they couldn't even smell the avocado. Also, coconut milk does not smell like coconut oil. Honestly, it smells like baby formula to me, but you couldn't smell that either while my head was covered. When I returned to my room, I rinsed out the mixture. I took the leftover coconut milk and applied it to my hair, quickly covered with a plastic cap, then a towel for good measure. The coconut milk is very runny and I used the towel to ensure that product didn't seep down my body.

After rinsing out the coconut milk, I immediately felt a difference in my hair. Simply put, it felt stronger, but not dry. The bad thing is that I still was finding pieces of avocado in my hair, mainly on the ends. I even found a piece in my hair today, and I cowashed this morning. Next time, I will blend the avocado and coconut milk (which can get lumpy), then strain it for good measure. The results are so nice, I'll do it again. This recipe is looking to become my monthly deep treatment.

Also, I used the Shea Moisture Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in. Just a little of this product goes a long way, and I like the sweet smell of it. This coming Sunday, I look to shampoo with the Shea Moisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo, then deep condition with the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque.

The things I liked most about my homemade protein treatment are that its vegetarian (no eggs, mayonnaise, or oyster shells) and its very cheap compared to protein treatments you buy from store. Avocado and coconut milk are now two must haves in my natural hair food pantry.


  1. Sounds like a great deep treatment.

    I just love avocados too much to put on my hair! I'm sure I would end up eating it before it even touched my head. lol

  2. I was very tempted to eat the avocado, but I fought temptation well. Also, after adding the coconut milk, it didn't seem so appetizing anymore. I would recommend you try using just coconut milk, which is really runny. You can mix it with conditioner to thicken up the mix a bit. Happy mixing!

  3. Love it

    btw, bird nest ( is made up of about 58% soluable proteins...the highest amoung all food and even synetic protein powders

    it greatly increase tissue regeneration

  4. I'm fairly new to the natural hair scene, but this sounds like it would do wonders. How often would you say to do this treatment?