Monday, February 21, 2011

Conditioner Superlatives...Best Co-Washing Conditioner

Cheapie conditioners aside, I like to use something a bit more luxurious for co-washing. In the beginning of my loose natural hair journey, I stuck to my cheapie faves. As I purchased more conditioners, I experimented with using non-cheapie conditioners to co-wash. By non-cheapie, I don't mean expensive. I just mean not as cheap as Suave Naturals or Alberto VO5. These conditioners always still cost less than ten dollars. I digress. After a bit of contemplation, and after recently using the two finalists for this award, my all time favorite co-washing conditioner is [insert drumroll]...Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner.

I originally only bought the trial size of this conditioner from Target to try out. I didn't want to commit to a regular size container and risk not liking it. The idea probably came from the fact that the conditioner is formulated for all hair types. I usually only buy products formulated for dry/damaged or color treated hair types. (Color treated because although I have no color in my hair, color treated hair is usually dry and the products formulated for those hair types work well for naturally dry hair like mine). I took a chance on this one, and was pleasantly surprised.

The scent is not at all overpowering, just slightly minty. The feel of the conditioner in my hair is luxurious. It spreads over my hair nicely and gives a slightly cooling effect to the scalp. Furthermore, it is silicone free, meaning it won't cause build up on the hair after continued use. In essence, this conditioner is great. My only complaint is that it costs more than most are willing to spend on a cheapie conditioner. I don't co-wash nearly as much as I used to, and I have even once used this conditioner as a leave-in. The price is only about $8 for an 8.5 oz container. Not bad, but definitely not as cheap as Suave, Alberto, or even the honorable mention in this category (see below).

If you read my recent post, however, you will know that I have found an online source for liter and gallon size Giovanni hair products. I plan to purchase the liter size container of the TTTT conditioner to use as my primary co-washing conditioner. I love the way it feels, the ingredients are great, its cone free, and if you go to the right place, you can purchase it for a very competitive price.

Honorable Mention: Yes to Cucumbers Daily Makeover Conditioner. The smell of this product is simply divine, just like fresh cucumbers. It was a very close second with the Giovanni TTTT as my favorite co-washing conditioner. The price is about the same for a Giovanni conditioner purchased from Target, but you get twice the amount of product. This conditioner also has a few more great uses, but you will find out what those are later when I give out the other conditioner superlative awards. It is also cone free and paraben free with nice ingredients. The only reason it lost to Giovanni TTTT in the best co-washing category is that it doesn't feel quite as luxurious as the Giovanni TTTT when I put it on my hair. It feels nice, just not as luxurious. This product can be purchased from Target.


  1. I've heard all the raves about this leave-in conditioner. I've been looking for it. Cant find it! I even went to Target...Nope, wasn't there. So the search continues...cant wait to try it cuz everyone loves it.

  2. I recently bought some Giovanni conditioners from They were much cheaper than they are from Target. Also, try TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, and even Ulta.

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