Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coconut Milk, Avocado, and Deep Treatments

In my quest for a deep treatment with more of a bang, I have been researching everything imaginable. From the cheap products to the more luxurious CurlMart brands, the information seems overwhelming. Another aspect I have been looking into is home made deep treatments. Curly Nikki had a blog post in which she asked what people used when they made their own deep treatments. The blog post and comments can be found here. It seems that many naturals mentioned two ingredients in particular: avocado and coconut milk.

Avocado is a great all natural ingredient for deep treatments. The protein will strengthen the hair (but not overdo it like other protein treatments). It has has been shown to penetrate the hair shaft, being one of only three oils that perform this remarkable feat (coconut and olive oils are the other two). It contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, and has more potassium than a banana. My friend recently did a avocado treatment on her hair, and she instantly noticed more strength and promised to make it a regular part of her regimen. Here is a NaturallyCurly.com article on avocado for the hair.

Another great ingredient I keep stumbling upon when researching homemade deep treatments is coconut milk. Apparently coconut milk, unlike coconut oil, is high in proteins and can lead to stronger hair that is easier to detangle. I could always use hair that is more easily detangled. When using coconut milk for the hair, a diet is shunned. Go for the full fat content, not lite, brand for optimum results. Coconut milk also adds moisture to the hair. Coconut milk is popular in ayurvedic medicine and has been purported to lead to hair growth.

Coconut milk can be added to hair directly or added to commercial products. I even read in the NC.com thread on coconut milk how one curly mixed it with her OH Honey Hemp Conditioner. The thread can be found HERE. I plan to use coconut milk on a regular basis now, assuming that my hair responds well to it, but I am sure it will. I very much am looking forward to mixing it with avocado for a deep treatment mask.

Other great coconut milk recipes include:

  • Moisturizing Conditioner (protein free) + Coconut Milk
  • Avocado + Coconut Milk + Oils
  • Coconut Milk + Bentonite OR Rhassoul Clay
  • Thick Conditioner (such as Aubrey Organics) + Coconut Milk
When using avocado, be sure to mix/mash well to ensure you dont have avocado pieces stuck in the hair. Always use full fat coconut milk for the hair.

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